SpamHaus now publishing better TLD abuse data

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SpamHaus has updated its “10 Most Abused Top Level Domains” list to provide a much more useful insight into abuse levels. Rather than simply showing unexplained percentages of “badness” in each TLD, the spam-fighting organization’s daily report now exposes the hard numbers, in domain terms, underneath. For example, on today’s list Famous Four Media’s .download […]Related posts:Schilling, Famous Four rubbish Spamhaus “worst TLD” league Architelos launches new gTLD anti-abuse tool Architelos: shadiest new gTLD is only 10% shady

ICANN to publish board meeting transcripts

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In a surprising move towards further transparency, the ICANN board of directors has decided to start publishing transcripts and possibly recordings of its meetings. It passed a resolution during a meeting in Amsterdam this week stating: the Board directs the President and CEO, or his designee(s), to work with the Board to develop a proposed […]Related posts:ICANN cancels Fridays. Bad for transparency. ICANN to publish new gTLD contract changes ICANN going to Panama for 56th meeting

Krueger’s suit against M+M dropped, for now

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Former Minds + Machines chair Fred Krueger has dropped his lawsuit against the company, which concerned “missing” shares. M+M announced today that the two parties have signed a “tolling agreement”, which apparently leave the door open for Krueger to re-file the suit at a later date. If he does re-file, the company has agreed to […]Related posts:Krueger sues M+M over five million “missing” shares DirectNIC chief tries to dismiss cybersquatting suit Go Daddy employee class action dismissed

ICANN diverts from Puerto Rico to India to avoid Zika

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ICANN has confirmed that its 57th public meeting will not be held, as originally planned, in Puerto Rico. Instead, it is asking community members to instead head to Hyderabad, India, this November. Those Las Vegas rumors turned out not to be true. However, on the up-side, those Las Vegas rumors turned out not to be […]Related posts:ICANN cancels Panama due to Zika virus Puerto Rico to host ICANN meeting next year With Zika fears, is ICANN dissing Latin America?

ICANN pimps new sexual harassment rules

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ICANN has proposed new anti-harassment guidelines for its community that would ban “unwelcome hostile or intimidating behavior”. It wants your comments on the changes to its longstanding “Expected Standards of Behavior” document, which applies to both its in-person meetings and online discussions and mailing lists. The proposed addition to the document reads like this: Respect […]Related posts:ICANN receives first sexual harassment complaint “Cheese sandwich” comment blamed for sexual harassment complaint Man in sexual harassment claim considers legal

New .sucks logo actually kinda sucks

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Vox Populi has revealed a new logo for its .sucks gTLD. Here it is. What do you think? In going for a retro, 8-bit vibe, has Vox deliberately gone for a look that actually kinda sucks? Is that the joke? Or do you like it? The company said on its blog: The program is designed […]Related posts:Does this fun video prove that the .sucks message isn’t total BS? Want to slam .sucks? You can at First example of .sucks cybersquatting?

XYZ settles Verisign’s back-end switcheroo lawsuit

DomainNames (#1) 932 days ago News xyz settles verisigns back-end switcheroo lawsuit All   Discuss  | Add To has settled a lawsuit filed against it against Verisign stemming from XYZ’s acquisition of .theatre, .security and .protection. Verisign sued the new gTLD registry operator for “interfering” with its back-end contracts with the previous owners last August, as part of its campaign to compete against new gTLDs in the courtroom. XYZ had acquired the […]Related posts:VeriSign settles CFIT lawsuit for free .security names priced at $3,000, .theatre at $750 VeriSign scores big win in .com pricing lawsuit

Donuts quietly buys .shopping from Uniregistry (and .jetzt)

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Just a few months after Uniregistry bought out Donuts to win .shopping, Donuts has bought the pre-launch gTLD back. Donuts has also bought live gTLD .jetzt from a Swedish company. The .shopping deal is a weird one. Uniregistry and Donuts were the only two applicants for .shopping, until Uniregistry paid Donuts to withdraw its application […]Related posts:Uniregistry beats Donuts to .shopping, but .shop still in play Uniregistry doing private new gTLD auctions? Company deals with Donuts on five strings Uniregistry not happy about Donuts-Tucows deal

Nominet to run .blog’s back-end

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Nominet is to run the back-end registry systems for .blog, the company announced this evening. We reported earlier today that .blog has a surprise new owner — Knock Knock, Whois There, which belongs to Automattic, owner of — and it seems the change of ownership comes with a change of back-end. Primer Nivel, the […]Related posts:WordPress reveals IT bought .blog for $19 million becomes a domain name registrar Nominet involved in seven gTLD applications

Radix joins the Hollywood content police

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Radix has become the second major gTLD registry to announce a content policing deal with the movie industry. It today said it has signed an agreement with the Motion Picture Association of America similar to the one Donuts announced in February. Like Donuts, Radix will treat the MPAA as a “trusted notifier” for the purposes […]Related posts:Donuts makes Hollywood content policing deal Directi’s Radix wins .website gTLD auction ARI and Radix split on all new gTLD bids

Domain Name Buyer Broker Can Help Buy Domains

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When I think of a domain broker, my first thought is that these people represent the owners of domain names who are looking to sell them. There are also brokers that specialize in representing companies and people who need to acquire a domain name. These domain name buyer brokers serve an important role in the facilitation of domain name deals. Over the course of a year, I receive quite a few requests from people to help them acquire a domain name. I almost always recommend that these people work with a domain broker to purchase their domain name. I want to → Read MoreThe post Domain N

PornHub Launches BangFit on New gTLD Domain Name

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According to an article on TechCrunch, “PornHub is launching a new fitness system (wearable + workout videos) called BangFit.” From a domain name perspective, the most interesting aspect of the article is the domain name that Porn Hub chose for its BangFit product. Instead of using  the exact match, which is listed for sale on, the company is using the new gTLD Bang.Fit. In addition, if you navigate through the site, you will see that participants are also directed to “GO TO BANGFIT.MOBI ON YOUR SMARTPHONE.” The .Fit domain name extension is

Netflix Acquired

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On April 27th, Jamie Zoch noticed that the domain name had changed hands. After the domain transfer was completed, the registrant was listed as DNStination Inc., a company that is affiliated with MarkMonitor. Companies that wish to keep their Whois information private can use DNStination as the registrant. This morning, George Kirikos shared that it looks like Netflix acquired the domain name. Although the Whois information still shows DNStination as its registrant, there is a new website on that says “powered by Netflix” at the bottom. I think

Is Twitter Going to Kill Value of URL Shorteners?

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URL shorteners became very popular with social media users, particularly users of Twitter. A URL shortener is helpful because it can allow a user to have a longer message if the shortened link is fewer than the 23 characters an automatically shortened link uses (Twitter automatically shortens links to 23 characters with its T.CO links). From what I have noticed, there are many ccTLD domain names that are used by companies and individuals to act as URL shorteners. Some of these are “branded” shorteners such as (Business Insider), (New York Times), (Google), C
14 Now Redirects to Global.Canon

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One of the big questions regarding brands that use their branded new gTLD extension is what the company will choose for the left of the dot. It looks like Canon recently made the decision to use its .Canon extension, and company management decided on Global.Canon for the company home page. The company uses the Canon Global logo without any extension, so it does not look like rebranding was necessary. Previously, the company used, and if you visit right now, you will be redirected to Global.Canon. Assuming the redirects were done correctly, I would imagine this redirect sho

UDRP Filed Against

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A UDRP has been filed against the three letter .com domain name The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is WIPO Case D2016-0961. The complainant appears to be a Chinese entity and is listed as 福建省华世伟业信息科技股份. is currently registered at eName to a entity that appears to be based in China. The landing page for is in Chinese, but I can see an English sentence on the page that says, “This domain name is for sale.” has a creation date of January 19, 2000. I did a few historical Whois searches → Read MoreThe post

Rob Gronkowski Announces Madden Cover on

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It’s not secret that I am a big New England Patriots fan. Obviously, that makes me a Rob Gronkowski fan, too. Any time I can write a domain industry article that mentions one of my favorite players (and one of the best players in the entire NFL), you better believe I will. It was just announced that Rob Gronkowski will be on the cover of the popular Madden 17 football game. In fact, Rob mentioned this honor via his Twitter account yesterday evening: It’s Official! What an honor it is to be the cover of @EAMaddenNFL — Rob →