Recent Updates On Investor App, Hijack Security And Domain Search

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More and more people trust GoDaddy and not just because it is the world’s largest registrar. The experience and the bunch of updates make it a reliable and most known registrar. Talking about updates, GoDaddy has recently released a few. Updated Domain Investor App The known Domain Investor auction app launched in the course of […]The post Recent Updates On Investor App, Hijack Security And Domain Search appeared first on Domain & SEO News.
75 - Brandable Domain Name for Security Company, App, Website

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70 — Premium Brandable Domain Name For Sale — Safety & Security!

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Terror fears prompt security crackdown for ICANN 55

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ICANN is bringing in metal detectors, bag searches and ID checks at its forthcoming public meeting in Marrakech, Morocco. The measures are being introduced despite ICANN’s assurances that it considers the chance of terrorism at ICANN 55 to be “LOW”. In a statement today, ICANN meetings boss Nick Tomasso said: we are in constant and […]Related posts:Ebola 1 – ICANN 0 as Marrakech dumped for Singapore ICANN may cancel Morocco meeting over Ebola fear Will ICANN drop anti-terror rule from new TLD process?

.security names priced at $3,000, .theatre at $750

DomainNames (#1) 1089 days ago News security names priced 3 000 theatre 750 All   Discuss  | Add To may be best known for its budget .xyz gTLD, but its portfolio is increasingly leaning toward the super-premium end of the industry price range. The company entered Early Access Period with its .security, .protection and .theatre gTLDs today, and they ain’t cheap. .security and .protection are expected to carry retail prices of $3,000 a […]Related posts:XYZ buys .security and .protection from Symantec Priced to sell: $46m of two-letter .xxx names — Vox Pop CEO defends “under-priced” $25,000 sunrise fee

ICANN security advisor predicts “hundreds” of new gTLDs will “go dark”

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A security company led by a member of ICANN’s top security committee reckons that “hundreds” of new gTLDs are set to fail, leading to web sites “going dark”. Internet Identity, which provides threat data services, made the prediction in a press release this week. IID’s CTO, quoted in the release, is Rod Rasmussen. He’s a […]Related posts:ICANN hires hacker Dark Tangent as security chief Mockapetris hired as ICANN security advisor Verisign’s security angst no reason to delay new gTLDs, says expert
15 Premium Online Web Payment Software Business Security Domain Name

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DomainTools launches Iris platform for security threat investigations

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New platform helps security teams quickly find the source of attacks. DomainTools launched its new Iris platform today, making it easier for companies to quickly investigate security attacks and determine their sources. Iris integrates many of DomainTools’ existing data sets into an easy-to-use workflow. While targeted to enterprises without the resources necessary to manage their […]

Laughable security report labels Google Registry “shady”

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A report by security company Blue Coat Systems today denounced new gTLDs as “shady” and recommended organizations think about blocking the “shadiest” ones entirely. The study classified “tens of millions” of domains requested by users of its censorware service according to whether they had content that posed a security risk. It found that nine new […]Related posts:Report names and shames most-abused TLDs Google confirms new gTLD bids What’s wrong with M+M’s defensive reg report?

Verisign sues CentralNic and .XYZ over .Theatre, .Protection and .Security

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Company upset that Verisign was dropped as registry services provider in favor of CentralNic. Earlier this week I noted a lawsuit Verisign filed in Virginia against .XYZ and Daniel Negari. Thanks to a request by the defendants to remove the case to federal district court, I now have a copy of the lawsuit (large PDF). […]

New Security Measures on Chinese Domain Names

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In a very strict and controlled Internet environment such as the one existing in China, there is no surprise that the Chinese government has only approved eight domain names companies and fourteen new TLDS ones. According to their press release, stressing the big number of Internet users and customers, much stricter control is to be […]The post New Security Measures on Chinese Domain Names appeared first on Domain & SEO News.

EARLY WARNING SYSTEMS - GoDaddy American SECURITY Domain: EarlyWarningSystems.US

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Security Risk Free gTLDs Allowed to Be Released

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In spite of the opposition of some experts who considered it a decision which could lead to security issues, ICANN decided to grant the possibility of registering domain names with two characters ending. This result was possible due to the suggestions sent by the registries who consider it an appropriate move. After thorough analysis done […]The post Security Risk Free gTLDs Allowed to Be Released appeared first on Domain & SEO News.

New Specialist To Work On The Security Of ICANN's Systems

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A new appointment for RSSAC has been made in the person of Tripti Sinha, who was previously involved in developing security systems for other companies.
The position will be effective for two years and Sinha was chosen for the experience of 25 years in the field of technology. She will join other specialists such as Lars Johan Liman who will be leading RSSAC in matters related to the security and operation of the Internet's Root Server System.
Accompanied by three more advisory committees, the RSSAC supports and is involved into ICANN’s efforts to develop the multi-stakeholder strategies on

XYZ buys .security and .protection from Symantec

DomainNames (#1) 1304 days ago News xyz buys security protection symantec All   Discuss  | Add To has added .security and .protection to its portfolio of new gTLDs under a private deal with security software maker Symantec. Symantec originally applied for both as closed generics, but changed its plans when ICANN changed its tune about exclusive access gTLDs. The company won .security in an auction against Donuts and Defender Security late […]Related posts:VeriSign poised to sell SSL business to Symantec Donuts buys out rival .place gTLD applicant Google buys .app for over $25 million

Security gTLD Problems Unveiled and Solved at ICANN

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New checks in security on ICANN systems revealed there has been a breach which allowed some of the applicants to access protected data of other applicants, shows an audit that was requested in order to determine the degree of the intrusion.
What was discovered by the investigation was that the unauthorized access was possible using the login data of 19 users, leading to exposure of 96 applicants and 21 registry operators, during a total number of 36 access sessions, starting April 2013. ICANN promised they will reveal the identity of both the people that accessed the data (they will be asked

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